The Legend Of The Phantom 3D Model

The Legend of The Phantom is a 3D model which is currently available for purchase on the Cults website.

The Cults website is a platform allowing designers to promote and sell their art, specifically to owners of 3D printers.

The model features a large Phantom in front of a skull. We also see Guran and Diana, with Christopher Walker swearing the oath on the skull on his fathers killer.

The oath is present in text written on a scroll, front and center of the model. On each side of the model we also see the skull and the good mark rings.

The 3D model, designed by Raul Amoros, can be downloaded (for a small fee) and printed on a 3D printer. It measures 30cm high and 18.6cm wide. It’s designed to be printed in section, 13 in total, and then assembled.

The model would certainly look amazing professionally produced/printed, assembled and painted.

Head over to the Cults website to read and see more of The Legend of The Phantom model.