Frew Phantom Comics Available From Regal Publishers

Regal Publishers have announced on social media that they are now stocking and selling Frew Publications Phantom comics from Australia.

Regal Publishers, based in India, commenced publishing a new series of Phantom comic books back in August 2020, with these publications becoming available for purchase on Frew Publications website shortly after for Australian collectors/readers of the Phantom.

It seems that Regal Publishers are reciprocating this service to their Indian fans, by offering Frew Publications Phantom comics printed in Australia to collectors/readers of the Phantom in India.

Below we see the advertisement posted by Regal Publishers.

Orders are being taken by Regal Publishers via their WhatsApp number + 91 94810 52592. Prices for each edition are also communicated via this number.

Such arrangements not only benefit readers/fans of the Phantom (especially to such a large market as India) from an accessibility point of view, but it also exposes the many talented artists and story tellers to an international audience.

It’s nice to see such initiatives take place and wish both publishing houses success in this fantastic idea, which will ultimately benefit us, the Phantom fans!!!