The Legend Of The Phantom

Currently available on Finland’s Egmont website is ‘The Legend of the Phantom’.

Released in October, the paperback contains 5 Phantom stories (4 reprints and 1 new), with unique cover art by Luca Erbetta.

This publication also coincides with the 80th Anniversary since the Phantom first appeared in Finland in Karjalainen Newspaper (published in North Karella in Finland) on October, 1940.

Egmont describe the book as:

“Inspired by old myths and legends, the Phantom begins to be an actual legend. This five-story compilation album pays homage to this milestone in the adventure comic created by Lee Falk by packing those classic stories from decades back into one cover. Since the Ghost Who Walks cannot die, as a sweetener, we serve one brand new adventure. The Phantom began his adventure in Finland on the pages of the newspaper Karjalainen in October 1940, so this publication also celebrates the 80th anniversary of the favorite hero as an entertainer for Finns”.

The 5th story in the book is new, titled ‘The Mountain Journey’, written by Jacob Habinc and illustrated by Janusz Ordon.

We see a detailed overview of the book in ‘Dr. Judgment’ blog post, published on the 23rd of October, 2020 on Egmont’s website. The overview can be read in full HERE

To purchase ‘The Legend Of The Phantom’ direct from Egmont, click HERE