Regal Publishers Phantom Comics 3 & 4

Regal Publishers (India based publisher) announced on their Facebook page at the beginning of October, the release of Phantom comics numbers 3 and 4.

As can be seen in the above advertisement, Regal Publishers have commissioned artists to create unique cover art for these editions, as was also seen with editions number 1 and 2 (released earlier this year).

On edition number 4, we see cover art produced by France based artist, Luca Erbetta. ‘Books Etc’ recently interviewed Luca Erbetta and presented him with various questions relating to not only his work with Regal Publishers, but his work with other Phantom comic publishers, including Frew Publications and Egmont Publishing.

Luca also discusses his history with reading Phantom comic books and his future aspirations with the character. Read the full interview HERE.

Also seen in the above advertisement, editions 3 and 4 come with 2 Phantom cards and bookmarks, both provided free of charge by Regal Publishers when purchasing these comic books. Free additions with Phantom comics are always appreciated and collected by Phantom fans.

In the YouTube video below, we see Street Smart Joker opening his package received from Regal Publishers, containing Phantom comics numbers 3 and 4 (with the cards and bookmarks also present).

It’s interesting to see the packaging that Regal Publishers use to mailout the comics, with the Phantom proudly printed on the outside.

You can reach Regal Publishers via their Facebook page for any queries relating to their publications of Phantom comics HERE.

Luca Erbetta’s website can be found HERE.