Artist Rolf Gohs Has Passed Away

Rolf Gohs, Swedish comic cover artist best know for his work on Fantomen in Sweden, sadly passed away on Sunday the 23rd of August, 2020.

Rolf Gohs is credited for painting over 900 Fantomen comic covers.

About Rolf Gohs

Born in Estonia on the 26th of October, 1933 Rolf Gohs was raised in Poland during World War II before the Gohs family moved to Sweden in 1946, where young Rolf developed his interest in comic art.

His first assignment as a comic artist was with Centerförlaget (after dropping out of school at the age of 16), producing stories for the ‘Kilroy’ comic book when the publisher ran out of original Italian material, due to the series being canceling in Italy, but continued in Sweden.

In 1957, Semic Press hired Rolf to draw covers for the Swedish Phantom comic book Fantomen. He also did some of the interior art, which makes him one of the first local artists for the Swedish production of Fantomen stories.

Rolf also wrote and drew his own comic stories (including ‘Mystiska 2:an’ and ‘Dom Oskyldiga’), which were published as backup stories in Fantomen by Semic and as standalone publications. Rolf even put his hand to photography and film making (praised for his short film, ‘Statyetten’).

Rolf, who continued to draw Fantomen covers for over 50 years, has additionally made cover drawings for Agent X9 and Seriemagasinet.

Rolf’s art has been published on the covers of not only Swedish Fantomen comic books, but also on the covers of comics published world wide.

Rolf’s contribution and amazing work on the Phantom will be remembered well into the future…