#SixFanarts Challenge

Following the need for us to isolate in our homes to restrict the spread of the corona virus, various trends have arisen, over various social platforms to occupy our time.

One of these trends is the #SixFanarts Challenge.

The #SixFanarts challence grew in popularity on Twitter and Instagram, with countless talented artists joining in on the fun, adopting the hashtags #SixFanarts and #SixFanartsChallenge.

As the name would suggest, the challenge, which was originally started by Melissa Capriglione, involves asking your followers for suggestions on characters to draw, and then proceeding to draw them in a series of six blank boxes.

The challenge has caught the attention of comic pros and aspiring artists alike, and has resulted in some genuinely creative art of characters everyone knows and love.

It’s good to see The Phantom pop-up on several of these works. See following some examples found on Instagram (account handles also included).

Javier Guzman – @scribbler80
Nick Butch – @nick.butch
Lee Widegren Lundin – @leewlundin
Enrique Lopez – @studiomaenefl
Mark Cabot Robinson – @mcrgh_cartoons
Anthony Spay – @anthonyspay
Jared – @drawing_jared
Giorgio Galli – @giorgio_galli_gico
Odd Days Comic – @odddayscomic
Jean Sinclair – @jeansinclairbr

Be sure to return to this post as more are added.