Adventure Films To Watch During Quarantine

Never mind if you are stuck at home in the midst of a lock-down. These rip-roaring adventure films will plunge you to the center of the earth, the deepest jungles of darkest Peru, and all manner of thrilling places.

Are you going stir crazy in isolation? The Germans naturally have a word for it — fernweh which translates to such a strong desire for travel that it hurts! Before you hand out your phone number on social media like Rita Wilson, you could maybe check out these fun, swashbuckling movies, peppered with super-simplified history, anthropology, myths, mysteries, and a treasure. How does Indy crack a code that has not been solved for millennia? Because there is a B in both and also because he is Harrison Ford who you remember did the Kessel run in under 12 parsecs.

Here is a list of adventure movies from the ‘80s to the noughties that would take you on a trip upon a magic swirling ship…

The Phantom (1996)

Though Simon Wincer’s Phantom did not get the love it deserved on release, it went on to become a cult movie on the VHS and DVD circuit. Billy Zane (yes the oily Cal from Titanic) plays the noble Ghost Who Walks in this film that brings to life all that we read of Lee Falk’s superhero in Indrajal Comics. There is the Jungle Patrol, the oath taken on the beach (for those who came in late) the skull cave behind a curtain of water and Diana Palmer, Phantom’s girlfriend. The plot involves skulls with secret powers, pirates and assorted evils including Catherine Zeta-Jones as a sky pirate!

Article by Mini Anthikad Chhibber.

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