The Phantom Hits Stores & Book Stores In Luxury Graphic Novel.

By Gabriel Faria – 19th October 2019 –

Mythos Publishers have followed their commitment of publishing classic material of the Phantom, created by Lee Falk. With two magazines launched in parallel, the time has come for luxury launches, beginning with the graphic novel The Ghost: In Search of the Lost City. Check out the details below!

In this upscale graphic novel, Mythos Editora presents a spectacular, totally unpublished Spirit of the Walking adventure written by legendary screenwriter Peter David and illustrated by the acclaimed Sal Velluto ! The plot depicts the diabolical Brotherhood Singh in action, led by its metal-handed leader, eager to find and loot an ancient mythological golden city. To stop them, there’s only the Ghost, Diana and a new ally, taken from the first story written by creator Lee Falk!

Filled with suspense, intrigue, and Indiana Jones-style twists and turns, In Search of the Lost City is a high-octane action involving all the mystique and allure of the hero who has become the greatest symbol of the Golden Age of comics.

The publication of the character by Mythos publishers already has two series, The Phantom being a monthly magazine in American format featuring the stories of the Swedish publisher Egmont ‘s Team Fantomen with varied creative teams, and Ghost Chronicles a bimonthly series of classic storytelling (in mostly unpublished) in black and white, with scripts by Lee Falk and art by Ray Moore, Wilson McCoy and Sy Barry.

This binding also has a special appeal for fans, as it features the Ghost Ring , made of metal, as a gift.

The six-part miniseries titled In Search of the Lost City was originally published by Hermes Press, an American publisher of books and comics that also publishes the character’s other classic materials. This series began in 2014, and screenwriter Peter David brings several classic hero elements to the adventure, rescuing even long-forgotten Ghost supporting characters.

Sal Velluto , illustrator of this miniseries, is an Italian designer renowned for series such as Lazarus Ledd , Moon Knight and Justice League Task Force, working with US comics since 1998. This is his first (and until then only) story of the hero.

The Ghost: In Search of the Lost City has 148 hardcover bound pages with localized, hot stamping , 26 x 17 cm format.