What Are They Up To Now: Giancarlo Caracuzzo!

By Jonathan Waugh – October 14, 2019 – http://www.darbypop.com

Darby Pop Publishing has had numerous up-and-coming writers and artists collaborating with us over the years. Each month, we’ll be highlighting the most recent work by one of the industry professionals who passed through our doors on the way to making their sequential storytelling dreams come true.

Darby Pop has earned its frequent flier miles, teaming with creatives from all over the world. Recently, this column caught you up on Irish writer Adam Breen. And this month, we highlight Italian artist extraordinaire — Giancarlo Caracuzzo.

Even though Caracuzzo had already worked for some of the “major” publishers like IDW, Marvel, and DC, he didn’t hesitate when Ken Kristensen asked him to draw for Indestructible. For Caracuzzo, visualizing the upended life of Greg Pincus became a family affair; “I was immediately involved in a project I loved very much, and together with my daughter, Flavia — (who served as) the colorist — we worked on a arc of six issues.”

Since then, Caracuzzo has lent his talents to many projects with both American and European publishers. He recently completed his first mini-series as both writer and artist, Boogeyman; check out Caracuzzo’s Facebook page for a peek at that book as well as Simon Blood.

Caracuzzo is currently involved in a Kickstarter campaign for a new series titled Killerbowl along with writers Alex Banchitta and Gary K Wolf (yes, the Hugo award winning novelist who created Roger Rabbit). An adaptation of Wolf’s 1975 novel, Killerbowl depicts “America’s Game” in ways that are far more brutal than even “Inside The NFL” could imagine. As of this writing, there are still 35 days to help fund the project, so get on over there and show a former Darby Pop-per some love!

Caracuzzo looks back on his time with us fondly, saying that “working with Darby Pop was one of the happiest periods of my career.” With any luck Giancarlo, we’ll be working with you again very soon!