Krazy Little Comics

Krazy Little Comics were published by the Topps Chewing Gum Company in USA in 1967. The comic series is a parody of a variety of comic book characters, belonging to Marvel, DC and King Features Syndicate.

A total of 16 different comics are found in the series, believed to have of been produced in small quantities to assess their success before being distributed throughout the USA. The Krazy Little Comics were sold where comics were sold at the time and came with chewing gum, retailing for 5 cent. They weren’t overly popular, hence they weren’t produced on a large scale.

The comic and chewing gum were sold in packets found in a retail counter-top display box measuring 12″ x 12.5″. A sample of the retail box alongside a packet can be seen below.

Krazy Little Comics contain 8 full color pages measuring 2.5” x 3.5”. The covers are void of an edition number and a retail price. All of the comics are written by Roy Thomas with illustrations found on the cover and within by Wally Wood.

The title seen on the front cover of the comic book featuring a certain character in the series has had it’s original name altered slightly. The Phantom was featured in the series under the title of ‘The Bantam’, seen below as a parody, alongside Tarzan.

The other 15 editions found in the series can be seen below.

The printing process of Krazy Little Comics wasn’t of the highest quality, hence it’s common to see the color print not alight correctly with the illustrations. Also, the comic wasn’t always folded square along the spine.