Zigomar is a comic strip character created in Yugoslavia by artist Nikola Navojev and writer Branko Vidić.

It’s believed that the name ‘Zigomar’ came from the more famous French character of the same name, a hero of pulp fiction novels and films.

Zigomar first appeared in Mikijevo Carstvo (which translates to ‘Mickey’s Empire’), number 28, in Yugoslavia, published on the 28th of May, 1939.

Also appearing in 1939 on the cover of Mikijevo Carstvo, edition number 59, we see the Phantom on the cover with Zigomar, with the story ‘Zigomar vs The Phantom’ published within (see below).

The Phantom Connection

Zigomar is a young man coming from a wealthy American family, who decided to leave the rich life and dedicate himself to fighting crime.

Zigomar wears a mask and a tight costume (including a cape) with a “Z” sign on his belt and a ring with a “Z” sign on it. Zigomar has no superpowers and is followed on his adventures by his loyal sidekick, Chinese boy Chi Yang.

In one of his adventures, in the Himalayas, Zigomar meets the Phantom. The two get into a fight (leaving the other with their ring mark on their face), but soon after they show respect for each other and become friends.

However, at one point, an evil fakir hypnotizes them and turns them against each other. The story continues with new clashes between the two heroes, until Zigomar sets the captured Phantom free. The two part ways a the end of the story, showing respect but also animosity for each other.

The 2 stories featuring the Phantom can be seen below, ‘Zigomar vs The Phantom’ and ‘Bride Of The Gods’.

Zigomar vs The Phantom

Bride Of The Gods

Mikijevo Carstvo #59 – Yugoslavia 1939

Mikijevo Carstvo #75 – Yugoslavia 1939

Bulgaria 1944

Club Anni Trenta – Italy 1971

Politikin Zabavnik – Yugoslavia 1989

Frew Publications – Australia 2016