Mini-Comics were produced by RGE in Brazil from 1968 thru till 1970. Mini-Comics were a free give-away collectible with select Fantasma comic books, the first Phantom comic book series published by RGE totaling 371 editions.

RGE (Rio Gráfica E Editora) located in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, a subsidiary of ‘Grupo Globo’ was founded by Roberto Marinho in 1952, ceasing operations in 1986. For over 35 years RGE published a multitude of comic books, magazines and collectible pop culture related collectibles.

The Mini-Comics were released in select Fantasma comic books ranging from edition number 143 thru to 162 (not found in editions 155 and 160) , found in a total of 18 editions.

The Mini-Comics are found across 4 pages in the center fold of the comic book, measuring 17.5cm x 26cm (before constructed) and published in full color. The reader is instructed to remove the pages and fold and cut to construct the Mini-Comic. Below we see the Mini-Comic pages found in Fantasma edition number 153.

The Mini-Comic contained several comic book characters in the one edition, with Davy Crockett and Captain Marvel seen in the example above. The Phantom didn’t feature in a Mini-Comic.

The instructions to construct the Mini-Comic translated from Portuguese to English, provided by RGE read as follows:


First, detach the two central pages of the magazine (open the staples, remove the MINI, close the staples again). Then, fold them as indicated; that is: on the dotted line “first fold backwards” then “second fold” etc. It is necessary to observe exactly the dotted lines. Then just cut the top, bottom and right ends.

And your Mini-Comic is ready. Lots of joy and good reading!