PEP was a brand of whole-wheat breakfast cereal produced by the Kellogg Company in USA, and introduced in 1923.

In 1945, 1946 and 1947, Kellogg inserted a prize in the form of pinback buttons into specially marked boxes of PEP cereal. PEP pins included U.S. Army squadrons as well as characters from newspaper comics.

There were five series of comic character pins released, with 18 different pins in each set. The Superman button was included in all five series, hence 86 unique comic character pins were released.

Series #1 – 1945

Smokey Stover, Dick Tracy, Herby, Nina, Lilliums, Orphan Annie, Moon Mullins, Sandy (dog), Smitty, Harold Teen, Shadow, Kayo, Smilin’ Jack, Winnie Winkle, Perry Winkle, Uncle Walt, Skeezix, Superman

Series #2 – 1946

Olive Oyl, Little King, Hans, Blondie, Uncle Willie, Rip Winkle, Fritz, Lord Plushbottom, Junior Tracy, Don Winslow, Emmy, Popeye, Pop Jenks, Maggie, Dagwood, Jiggs, Andy Gump, Superman

Series #3 – 1946

Henry, Min Gump, Uncle Bim, Mama Katlenja, The Captain, Mamie, Mae, Mr. Bailey, Punjab, The Phantom, Warbucks, Chester Gump, The Fire Chief, Felix the Cat, Wimpy, Snuffy Smith, Tillie the Toiler, Superman

Series #4 – 1946

Casper, Corky, Judy, Little Moose, Pat Patten, Vitamin Flintheart, Cindy, Tess Trueheart, Toots, Barney Google, Brenda Starr, Inspector, Chief Brandon, Spud, Goofy, Flash Gordon, Beezie, Superman

Series #5 – 1947

Mr. Bobbs, Uncle Avery, Tiny Tim, Denny, Fat Stuff, B.O. Plenty, Abretha Breez, Flat Top, Ma Winkle, Auntie Blossom, Daisy, Winnie’s Twins, Gravel Gertie, Wilmer, Tilda, Little Joe, Mama De Stross, Superman

Each pin inserted in a specially marked box of PEP cereal was released in a plastic wrapper as can be seen below.

The Phantom PEP pin was issued in the 3rd series in 1946.

A Beanie Cap was released by Kellogg’s to display your PEP pin collection.

Advertisements were also seen promoting the PEP pins.