Phantom Illustration In Univers Comics Magazine

Found in Univers Comics: Le Mag’ magazine, edition number 35 released in May 2023, we find an illustration of the Phantom.

The free on-line magazine features a variety of articles centered on comics, superheroes and creators, professionally presented in full color in French.

One of the artists featured is Giulio Rincione. Translated from French to English, the magazine gives us a short biography on Giulio’s work:

Giulio Rincione, also known by the pseudonym Batawp (Palermo, December 13, 1990), is an Italian cartoonist, illustrator and artist and the brother of screenwriter Marco Rincione. He has become one of the most prominent young artists in Italy, in the space of a few years, thanks to several absolutely extraordinary, but often very hard, intimate, uncompromising graphic novels, such as Paperi, Paranoie, or Le Coeur de the city. His works are published by Shockdom, and therefore in large part also by Shockdom France. In April, the first volume of Dirt, his latest creation, was released on Closure (new Shockdom label). His style is pictorial, he uses watercolors, likes to torture and rewrite anatomy and reality itself, to offer a new and fascinating universe, which never leaves you indifferent.

On page 69 of Univers Comics: Le Mag’ magazine, we see an illustration of the Phantom by Giulio Rincione in his unique style.

To read Univers Comics: Le Mag’ magazine on-line, visit the Univers Comics website HERE