Make Your Own Phantom Figurine

Found on the Mundo Papercraft website, we see a paper craft model of the Phantom which you can make at home.

Available for free download, Mundo Papercraft have created printable sheets of the Phantom, who comes in a large number of pieces, which require you to cut out and glue together, to construct a 3D figurine of the Phantom.

Once complete, the Phantom stands 35cm tall and 17.5cm wide. It’s recommended that the various pieces are printed on heavy stock paper for easy of use in construction and to create a more solid/stable 3D figurine. The final result sees the Phantom in a standing pose with his pistols drawn in his red and yellow costume, as commonly seen in Spain and Brazil.

The Mundo Papercraft website provides full details on how to download the required files. Two PDF format files are available, one with lines on the various pieces indicating where the folds need to occur, and a second file without the fold lines. The various Phantom pieces are found grouped together, allowing the model maker to know which piece fit’s with the next, with ‘wings‘ placed in selected spots for gluing the pieces together.

A YouTube clip is also found on the website, a computer generated 3D spin-around of what the Phantom figurine should look like once complete.

The Phantom paper craft model on the Mundo Papercraft website can be seen HERE