New Mustanaamio Comic By Story House Egmont

Mustanaamio – Karpaattien Vampyyri, due to be published by Story House Egmont in Finland, is now available for pre-order.

Titled ‘Karpaattien Vampyyri‘, which translated to ‘Vampire of the Carpathians‘ from Finnish will be a 116 page softcover comic book measuring 17cm x 26cm. Text published within will be in Finnish.

The comic book will feature Phantom adventure stories with a supernatural theme, all illustrated by Spanish artist, Santiago Jaime Vallvé Peralta (also known as Jaime Vallvé) who lived in Denmark, passing away in 2000.

Jamie’s work is well known amongst Phantom comic readers in Scandinavia, illustrating up to 116 Phantom stories appearing in Fantomen, Fantomet and Mustanaamio comic books, and illustrating approximately 68 comic covers published across countries such as Sweden, Finland and Norway.

An example of Jamie’s cover art can be seen above, illustrating the cover for Stora Jubileumsboken in 1975, translated and published in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Mustanaamio – Karpaattien Vampyyri is due for release on the 17th of May, 2023. The comic book can be pre-ordered HERE