The Phantom Perfect For A Netflix Original Series

Appearing on the Screen Rant website, we find an interesting article titled 10 Comics That Are Perfect For A Netflix Series written by Dalton Norman.

The topic of Dalton’s article is comic book heroes which would make a great adaptations to a Netflix series, noting that due to the way some comic book characters have their adventures/stories broken into separate stories, they lend themselves to a Netflix Original Series.

Amongst the characters Dalton lists, he believes that the Phantom would be an ideal character to appear as a Netflix Original Series:

Making his debut in the Golden Age of Comics, the gun-toting superhero The Phantom is one of the most constant presences in comic book history. Hailing from the jungle, the purple-clad champion of justice blasts his way through all sorts of criminal elements from poachers to international thieves.

He goes on to state:

With almost a century of stories to draw from, a new-and-improved Phantom TV series could be the perfect superhero alternative to the deluge of Marvel and DC products. Like they did with Daredevil, the streaming service could make The Phantom into a darker and more complex character, and right the terrible wrong that was the 1996 film.

The Phantom has appeared in a number of on screen production since his first appearance in a black and white Serial in 1943. Would the next logical evolution for the Phantom be to appear on a streaming service such as Netflix?

The concept of Netflix possibly producing an Original Series, in consultation with the Phantoms license holder King Features Syndicate, would certainly present the character not only to a new generation, but also to a massive audience base, with Netflix estimated to hold 223.09 million subscribers as of the third quarter of 2022.

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