2 Year Anniversary Special Edition Phantom Comic By Regal Publishers

Regal Publishers, based in India, have announced the release of a Special Edition Phantom comic book to mark their 2 year Anniversary of publishing the Phantom.

Titled ‘Anniversary Special 2022‘, the Special Edition will contain 4 Phantom stories, published in full color on 164 gloss pages, edition number 25 in their Phantom comic book series. Beautiful cover art is by Ankit Mitra.

4 Stories will be published in the Anniversary Special, all in English text:

  • The Wiseguy
  • The Rat Must Die
  • Vigil At Phantom Head
  • The Visitor

A complimentary poster is offered with the comic book, an image of the art found on the cover. Creatively, we see all the Regal Publishers Phantom comic book covers as a backdrop to the Phantom sitting on Hero.

A big congratulations must go to Regal Publishers on achieving such an amazing milestone. The quality of their Phantom comics continue to improve, bringing an amazing product to Phantom fans not only enjoyed by Indian readers, but also to those internationally.

To read the full advertisement for the Anniversary Special on Regal Publishers website, click HERE