Treasures of Drakon Board Game Available At Popcultcha

The Treasures of Drakon Board Game produced by Frew Games in Australia in 2021 is now available for purchase on the Popcultcha website.

Created by Alex Wynnter and Dale Maccanti, the Board Game was promoted as a Kickstarter campaign in April 2019 by Frew Games and White Cat Press. Support for the Board Game was huge, resulting in the campaign being funded well in advance of the 30 days that it was running.

The Board Game box is illustrated by Daniel Picciotto, with a large array of artists working on the games internal pieces, including Paul Mason, Jamie Johnson and Glenn Ford.

Since it’s production, besides being available via the initial Kickstarter campaign, the Treasures of Drakon Board Game has been promoted and sold only on the Frew Publications website.

We now see the Board Game being sold on the Popcultcha website (based in Victoria, Australia), presenting it to not only Phantom fans, but to a much larger audience within the pop-culture community. They also operate retail stores, not only offering products on-line.

Popcultcha don’t only sell Board Games, but a vast array of collectibles, including figurines, statues, clothing, trading cards, digital media, homewares and other merchandise, all within the pop-culture sphere and featuring a large variety of characters.

Within the Treasures of Drakon Board Game, we find:

  • Miniatures x 7
  • Custom Dice x 7
  • Player Boards x 6
  • Event Tiles x 12
  • Cards x 136
  • Meeples x 24
  • Tokens x 120
  • Large Board x 1
  • Rulebook x 1

The Board Game being sold by Popcultcha also comes with 2 alternate game box slips, which are covers that slide over the games box, with the Phantom seen in a varying colored costume to purple, one red slip and one blue slip. The box slips were initially promoted as stretch goals in the Kickstarter campaign.

The Treasures of Drakon Board Game can been found on the Popcultcha website HERE