Phantom Comic Artist Massimo Gamberi Featured In Cronaca di Topolinia

In the March edition of Cronaca di Topolinia, published in Italy, we see Phantom comic book artist Massimo Gamberi featured in an interview article.

The interview within the magazine featuring Massimo runs for 3 pages, which also features both Phantom comic strip art and Phantom cover art.

Australian Phantom fans will be very familiar with Massimo’s art, which has featured on 2 Frew Publications covers, numbers 1800 and 1858.

Below we see the cover of Cronaca di Topolinia, plus the 3 pages within the magazine that feature Massimo’s interview. Massimo’s art is also found on the front cover, depicting the comic book character, Flash Gordon.

It’s great to see the Phantom and his creators featured in such a positive way. Massimo Gamberi’s interview is certainly a good way of keeping the Phantom fresh in peoples minds, especially on such as large stage as Italy.

To purchase a copy of the 40 page Cronaca di Topolinia magazine on-line, click HERE

Massimo Gamberi can be found on Facebook HERE

Thank you Massimo Gamberi for providing images of your interview in Cronaca di Topolinia.