Frew Publications Phantom Comic #2

A Frew Publications Phantom comic book number 2 was sold by Nick Rowland Auctions in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia yesterday.

The 1948 Phantom comic is 100% original and complete. Wear and tear found on the comic is as can be expected for a Frew Publications comic which is 73 years old. It could even be considered above the expected condition of a Phantom comic seen from this era.

The final price realized, after 32 bids, is $4,500 AUD, plus a buyer’s premium of 13.75% including G.S.T.

Other early Frew Publications Phantom comics were also available, including numbers 33, 35, 79 and 93. They too achieved expected sales prices for their respective age and condition.

A reprint (and clearly marked as such) of a 1991 Frew Publications Phantom number 1 was offered at the same auction and sold for $80 AUD. Certainly a solid price for a reprint edition!!

Early Frew Publications Phantom comics continue to be sought after by both comic collectors and Phantom fans, achieving solid sale prices amongst private sales and sales seen on websites such as ebay.

Such early Phantom comics are generally added to comic collections and are rarely seen again for sale for years on end, adding to their scarcity and fueling sales prices by collectors when they are seen on the open sales market.

Congratulations to the new owner of these nice comics, especially the number 2 Phantom comic!!