New NECA Phantom Figure

A second version of the NECA produced Defenders of the Earth figures are on their way!!

The first version of the Phantom figure released by NECA arrived in stores in USA in February 2021, and are extremely favored and popular amongst collectors.

Being reported by Toy Shiz on social media, the second version of the Phantom figure will be a closer representation of how we see the Phantom in our comic books, and less as the Defends of the Earth version.

Flash Gordon and Ming the Merciless will also get a make-over, again, featured as a closer reflection of the comic book characters.

The immediate visual changes noticed on the second version of the Phantom figure include:

  • stripes added to the Phantoms trunks,
  • belt and gun holsters and
  • hand guns.

Other Defenders of the Earth team members are yet to be released by NECA to complete the full set, such as Mandrake the Magician and Lothar.

Toy Shiz is also reporting that the figures will come with “extra hands, portraits and weapons galore!“. I’m sure more images and information will become available as we get closer to their expected release date in USA, scheduled for sometime in November, 2021.

Head over to Toy Shiz on Facebook to see a sneak peak of the other figures due for release by NECA later on this year.

The NECA official announcement can be viewed on their YouTube channel (or watch below).