The Phantom Card Game Overview by PC Guru

Written by Adam Eckhardt on the PC Guru website on the 11th of March 2021, we’re given a good overview of The Phantom Card Game released recently by Mikael Lyck (Games by Lyck).

The Phantom Card Game saw tremendous support from both Phantom fans and game enthusiasts when it launched on Kickstarter in 2020, receiving 1096 backers worldwide. Those who supported the campaign have been receiving the game in the mail over the past few weeks.

Adam Eckhardt from PC Guru goes into great detail in explaining the different facets of the card game. As someone who isn’t overly familiar with the Phantom, it’s interesting to read his perspective on both the character and the card game itself.

You can read more about The Phantom Card Game, or to purchase your own copy by visiting the Games by Lyck website.

To read the full article published on the PC Guru website, click HERE.

As noted by Adam Eckhardt, lets hope a second installment of The Phantom Card Game isn’t too far off.