Rebooting 80’s Cartoons

Defenders of the Earth makes an appearance on CBR’s Top 10 List of 80’s cartoons that should be rebooted.

Compiled by Derek Faraci on CBR’s website, Derek looks back at cartoons which aired on Saturday mornings or after school on our TV’s in the 1980’s. Amongst his list is Defenders of the Earth.

Defenders of the Earth Intro

Derek writes:

Originally set in what seemed like the far off future of 2015 when it aired in 1986, Defenders of the Earth was a team made up of heroes owned by King Features Syndicate. The group, led by Flash Gordon, also included The Phantom, Mandrake the Magician, and Mandrake’s assistant Lothar as well as their children, Rick Gordon, Lothar’s son L.J., Mandrake’s son Kshin, and The Phantom’s daughter Jedda Walker.

The Defenders of the Earth faced off against Ming the Merciless, his son Prince Kro-Tan, his daughter Princess Castra, and their legion of warriors. With superheroes all the rage on TV and in the theaters, it seems like the perfect time for the Defenders of the Earth to return.

He lists other titles such as The Real Ghostbusters, Chip ‘N Dale, Dungeons & Dragons, etc. To see the full list, click HERE

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