The Phantom Expanded Universe

Published on the Pop Culture Retrorama website, Super Blog Team-Up: The Phantom Expanded Universe provides us with a good summary on the Phantom through the ages.

It begins with the Phantoms incarnation by Lee Falk in 1936, with a thorough description of the Phantoms backstory and his influence on other comic book characters.

We then see information of the Phantoms history on the screen, including the 1943 Tom Tyler Serial, Defenders of the Earth, the 1996 Phantom Movie and even the unaired TV pilot (titled ‘No Escape‘) starring Roger Creed.

Some information is also provided on the Phantom in comic books, including Gold Key, Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books and Dynamite Entertainment

The write-up by Vic Sage is interesting and positive, with enough information provided to give readers a rounded ‘view’ of the Phantoms presence in comic book culture.

Well worth a read.

Read Super Blog Team-Up: The Phantom Expanded Universe HERE