Meet The Phantom

In 1936 Lee Falk created the character “The Phantom”. The masked hero inhabits the fictional African country of Bangalla and is an immortal protector. A lot of people have heard about the character or at least remember his look in the medium 1996 film “The Phantom” where the hero is played by Billy Zane.

This little knowledge of the character causes many potential readers to turn away from the character due to an eventual “confusing chronology” that prevents them from simply enjoying a good story. “The Phantom: In Search of the Lost City” is an example of a comic that can be enjoyed by any reader – whether he is versed in the Ghost’s chronology or not.

“The Phantom: In Search of the Lost City” features the scripts by Peter David and drawings by Sal Velluto. It is worth remembering that David is a veteran of comics with great works like his phase in the Hulk and Aquaman – that alone is a good indication that the story could be worth it.

The six-part miniseries written by David is a typical adventure story that has many twists and turns and a light climate – despite the constant dangers facing the the Phantom. Mythos published the complete saga in a beautiful hardcover binding that – unfortunately – arrived with a not-so-beautiful price – so look for promotions!

Peter David’s script manages to do something that is very difficult: explain the origin of the ghost again dynamically without the older readers feeling “bored”. Furthermore, the author goes even further and manages to work with old characters from the hero’s mythology without the new readers being lost – all while adding new elements to the legend of the Phantom.

The story is linear but has very interesting elements: The enemy dynasty of the Phantom, The Singh Brotherhood, is in search of the legendary city of Ophir – a place that even the Phantom is unaware of. Torturing residents of Bangalla to discover the truth, the Singh’s soon put themselves on a collision course with the Phantom and B´Wana (a new character that adds an interesting rhythm to the narrative). Simple, well executed and pleases new and old readers!

“The Phantom: In Search of the Lost City” is an adventure story with a light and extremely fun tone – ideal for those who want to read something about the character without having to tie themselves to monthly comics and go around looking for old issues. What I can say is that the work of Peter David and Sal Velluto makes us want to read even more adventures of the character and immerse ourselves once and for all in the mythology of Bangalla. If you find this edition for a buddy price, go ahead! A great adventure tale in the best Indiana Jones style awaits you!

Review written by Lucas Souza.

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