Read And Write With Fantomen Kids!

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Now we are expanding our range of tutorials and series materials with two brand new series characters – from the wandering wanderings to the exciting world of Phantom! Principal teacher Emanuel Gustafsson from Jönköping has created a fun and educational lesson plan based on the series album “Fantomen Kids”. Join the Phantom’s children, Kit & Heloise, on exciting adventures and let your students read, discuss and even create their own series!

The purpose of the tasks is to both attract reading and promote reading development. text calls and various writing and drawing tasks.

The teaching material consists of two parts:

  • A lesson plan – with teaching instructions and several different educational and creative student exercises. Download the tutorial for free here .
  • A series material – in the form of the series album “Fantomen Kids”. Order the series album at a special price for schools here .

The Phantom Kids and the educational material are adapted for grades 4-6.