The Last Phantom: Re-falling In Love With A Classic.

Posted by Cristian Ibañez – 18th August 2019 –

Perhaps they know The Phantom (The Masked Man in Spain or the Ghost in Latin America), they may have known him perhaps for the newspaper strips of the year 1936, for the animated series The Defenders of the Earth of the year 1986 or for the film live action of the year 1996. In case you do not remember, I comment that this character was created by screenwriter Lee Falk in 1936 with the collaboration of cartoonist Ray Moore and it is not to mention that The Ghost is considered by many as the father Of all the superheroes. But as regards today’s theme, we will travel a few years later in the rich history of this character to tell you about the comic ” The Last Phantom ” that represents the return of the ghost on more than one level, with a story written by Scott Beatty , drawings by Eduardo Ferigato , colored by Vinicius Andrade , covers of the great Alex Ross, covers Joe Prado alternatives with Fabiano Neves and published in 2010 by Dynamite Publishing House in a total of 13 issues.

The Last Phantom is a work written from the heart, made by a fan of the character such as screenwriter Scott Beatty . The comic shows us Kit Walker, a billionaire philanthropist current heir to the Legacy of the Walking Ghost who leaves the hero’s path to lead a philanthropic organization that helps people around the world. But the appearance of an enemy with desire for revenge will make Kit decide to take the mantle of the Ghost taking revenge to a new level and with more violence than in previous stories written about the character. The story unfolds while Kit is at a charity party in the United States, Quislinghis only trustworthy employee eager to take control of the company placed a bomb on the plane that his boss boarded which detonated upon entering Bengali airspace , but Walker although he survived the explosion after going in search of his family discovers that This was horribly massacred by a group of mercenaries who wore special costumes that made them invisible. The man who had decided to abandon his legacy then took his rings along with the guns with the Ghost mark that he always carried in his portfolio to revive the legend of the Ghost. In the pages full of revenge will also see flashback of his father The Ghost No. 22which will make reading more interesting by delving into the past of the characters, but I cannot say much more and less about the end of the story because it would be unfair to you.

The last Ghost is a very entertaining story that you will enjoy from the first page especially if you are fans of this classic and if you did not know anything about this character this is an excellent opportunity for you to know its history. Look for it in the comic book store of your choice.