Superhero Tough Guys Who Don’t Act Like “Tough Guys”.

Posted by Leon Miller, 1st August 2019 –

Superhero comics have a proud tradition of tough guys. You know who we’re talking about: costumed adventurers who talk mean through perpetually clenched teeth, and who make sure we never forget they’re ready (and eager) for their next fight. Some of the most popular characters of all time adhere to this imposing archetype – including the likes of Batman and Wolverine – so we’re not knocking it.

But the “hard man” routine can grow a little tiresome, especially when you realize that there are plenty of spandex-clad crime fighters who are capable of the same results without resorting to posturing. That’s why we’ve pulled together this list of non-traditional superhero tough guys (plus a couple of tough gals): as a celebration of all those characters who don’t need to remind us just how scrappy they are!

9/10 The Phantom

Arguably the first true superhero in history, The Phantom has been battling piracy and injustice with little more than his wits, fists and trusty Colt .45s for over 80 years. During that time, he’s resorted to the kind of intimidation tactics you’d expect from a guy known as “The Ghost Who Walks” – but that kind of stand over schtick isn’t his default modus operandi.

On the contrary, the Phantom is by nature an open and approachable figure, who – despite being a formidable hand-to-hand fighter – always tries to resolve hostile situations peacefully first. What’s more, he’s not afraid to display affection towards his wife Diana and their children publicly, either. Actor Billy Zane (who portrayed the character in 1996’s The Phantom) once observed “He’s not superhuman, he’s superhumane” – which perfectly sums up the Phantom’s hard-hitting yet kind-hearted personality.