The Phantom vs The Fourth Reich

The Phantom vs The Fourth Reich was a black comedy screenplay written by Australian filmmaker Philippe Mora in the 1970’s and approved for shooting by King Features Syndicate.

The comedy script had been written and completed by Philippe Mora. It was going to be directed by Ted Kotcheff and Leslie Lindner was going to be the producer, with King Features Syndicate providing the finance.

The movie had cast Peter Sellers to play 3 of the characters (by his own choosing), the Phantom, Hitler and Hitlers son (named Heinrich Hitler).

Although filming was due to commence in July 1972, the project didn’t come to fruition following the sudden death of the head of King Features Syndicate whilst on vacation. His new successor at King Features Syndicate didn’t approve for production to continue.

The Story

We see the Phantom tracking down Hitler in South America, who by now is an 80 year old man. Hitler has a son, 21 year old Heinrich Hitler, who wears shorts and long white socks.

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