The Phantom Serial

The Phantom Serial, released on the 24th of December 1943 by Columbia Pictures, is a 15 chapter (299 minutes) black-and-white superhero serial, produced by Rudolph C. Flothow, directed by Reeves Eason, and starring Tom Tyler in the title role. The serial also features Jeanne Bates as the Phantom’s girlfriend Diana Palmer, and Ace the Wonder Dog as the Phantom’s trusty German shepherd Devil (who is a wolf in the original comic strip).

The Story

Professor Davidson plans an expedition to find the Lost City of Zoloz. The location of the city is contained on seven pieces of ivory, three of which Davidson already possesses. Doctor Bremmer, however, intends to find the lost city and use it as a secret airbase for his unnamed country. To remove him as an obstacle, he kills The Phantom, only for his recently returned son, Geoffrey Prescott, to inherit the family identity and take over the mantle of The Phantom.

Three of the remaining ivory pieces are owned by Singapore Smith, who initially steals Davidson’s pieces. The seventh, and most important, piece is missing at first but turns up in the possession of Tartar (which The Phantom acquires by wrestling Tartar’s pet gorilla).


  • The Phantom by Tom Tyler.
  • The Ghost Who Walks by Geoffrey Prescott.
  • Diana Palmer by Jeanne Bates.
  • Dr. Max Bremmer by Kenneth MacDonald.
  • Singapore Smith by Joe Devlin.
  • Professor Davidson by Frank Shannon.
  • Byron Anderson by Guy Kingsford.
  • Long by Wade Crosby.
  • Moku by John Bagni.
  • Andy Kriss by Sol Gorss.
  • Chief Chota by Stanley Price.
  • Tartar Leader by Dick Curtis.
  • Ruby Dawn aka The Fire Princess by Early Cantrell.
  • Astari Warrior by Jay Silverheels.
  • Phantom XX, Geoffrey Prescott’s Father by Sam Flint.
  • Devil by Ace the Wonder Dog.


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