The Kid Phantom film project was a short animated film idea co-created in partnership between the Animation department of the Griffith Film School (Griffith University, Southbank, QLD) and Frew Publications (the long-running Australian publishers of The Phantom and Kid Phantom). The concept was brought to GFS by Paul, with the approval of Frew co-director Glenn Ford, and Dr. Peter Moyes (Head of Animation at GFS). The aim was to allow graduating 3rd year GFS Animation students (and assisting 2nd years) the access and opportunity to work on an industry-connected property and group-based production, to add this material to their experience, demo reels and CVs.

With a script written by Kid Phantom creative team Andrew Constant (writer) and Paul Mason (illustrator), and the overall production supervised by Paul, the talented students who worked together on the project from pre-production to the final film, drove the animated creation of this short adventure starring Kid Phantom, and bringing to the table their own sensibilities and abilities while interpreting the style and art direction of the nationally-distributed Kid Phantom comic books.

Not since Phantom 2040 and Defenders of the Earth has The Phantom been a part of an animated adventure, and the team of the “GFS Jungle Patrol” have done an amazing job in a short amount of time to bring professional-level animation back to the jungles of Bangalla. ​

The film was awarded Overall Highest Achievement in Animation to producers Rye Elms, Jacob Mackay and Karis Spencer, and Best Backgrounds to Rye Elms at the Griffith Film School Awards 2017.

The film was directed and produced by Jacob Mackay, Rye Elms, co-producer by Karis Spencer, and created by 2nd and 3rd year GFS animation students.

The Story

Homework on a bright, sunny day can be tough to focus on at the best of times; it’s even worse when you live in the jungles of Bangalla, and you’re the heir to the legacy of The Phantom! Young Kit Walker, destined to be the 21st Phantom, finds himself in this very predicament. Until that is, the call to adventure beckons Kid Phantom to action…whether his Mum and Dad approve or not!

Adapted for animation by Griffith Film School graduating animation class of 2017, based on the Kid Phantom comic book series by Frew Publications, Australia.

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