Dreamcity Artists

A tribute fan movie released on the 24th of November, 2017 on YouTube, by Dreamcity Artists Productions, running for 37.31 minutes. The movie is played by Indian actors, shot on location in India, directed by Abir Roy based on Lee Falk’s story-line.

The Story

Christopher Standish, the 28 year old co-runner of “Walker Foundation” an NGO from Kolkata sets out to the interiors of the coastal mangrove forests of Bengal to supply free medicine to the tribals. On the way their boat gets attacked by cross border pirates and Chris’ father is killed in an attempt to save his son. Thrown overboard Chris ends up in Bandar and is nursed back to health by the tribal quack Shukhiya Guran. In agony and anger of his father’s death Chris swears on the skull of his father’s assassin to end all evil and destroys all identities of Christopher Standish. Adopting the alias of Kit Walker and equipped with an advanced battle armor, Kit becomes the first Phantom.



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