Bundal Baaz

Bundal Baaz is a 1976 Bollywood fantasy and romantic comedy film directed by Shammi Kapoor. The film stars Rajesh Khanna in the lead role and had Sulakshana Pandit, Shammi Kapoor, Ranjeet, Johnny Walker and others in the supporting roles. Khanna was impressed with the character of Phantom and hence he designed an entire sequence in this film around it.

This film was not commercially successful at the time of its release, but was critically acclaimed. However, over the years, this film has gained a cult following and appreciation from audiences upon its screening in television.

The Story

Daydreamer Rajaram lives a poor lifestyle in a village in India along with his aunt and an unmarried sister, Malti, who has mortgaged their shanty house with Sukhi Lala so that she can educate Rajaram in Bombay.

Rajaram pretends to be wealthy in order to get married to his sweetheart, Nisha Sharma, much to the chagrin of her dad who wants her to get married to a boxer, Ranjeet Gupta.

After Rajaram gets a degree in Arts he returns home and finds out about the debt, he attempts to find work, ends up working as a laborer with Sukhi, but is beaten-up when he is found slacking. Rajaram returns to Bombay, meets with Suleiman, and takes up collecting waste material (Dabha Batli) from households for a fee.

One day he comes across a bottle, which falls down and out pops a 20000 year old Genie with magical powers. Rajaram does not want anything to do with this Genie, who insists on helping him for one year regardless. With his help Rajaram and Suleiman improve their lifestyle, albeit with a lot of problems, and also improve Rajaram’s chances of getting married to Nisha.

Things get complicated when the Genie loses his ring, which ends up with Ranjeet, who summons another Genie, Jumjumbo, from the very pits of hell, and abducts Nisha and her dad in order to force Nisha to marry him. Rajaram and the Genie set out for their rescue – only to find that the Genie has no powers underground – and both end up at the mercy of the evil Jumjumbo and Ranjeet.


  • Rajaram “Goku” “Raja” by Rajesh Khanna.
  • Genie by Shammi Kapoor.
  • Nisha Sharma by Sulakshana Pandit.
  • Malti by Farida Jalal.
  • Gopal by Asrani.
  • Gupta by Mukri.
  • Suleiman M.A. by Johnny Walker.
  • Ranjeet Gupta by Ranjeet.
  • Rajaram’s Mausi by Lalita Pawar.
  • Sulochana.
  • Havaldar by V. Gopal.
  • Sukhi Lala by Kamal Kapoor.
  • Business / Ranjeet’s creditor by Viju Khote.
  • Jumjumbo by Dev Kumar.
  • Sindhi businessman / Ranjeet’s creditor (as Mulchand) by Moolchand.
  • Rajaram’s customer by Tun Tun.

Phantom Scene

Movie Soundtrack

Track 11: Phantom Music