The Phantom Musical

The Phantom Musical (known in Sweden as ‘Äventyrsmusikalen Fantomen’ – ‘The Adventure Musical – The Phantom’), was an on-stage musical which played in Stockholm, Sweden. It’s first on-stage premier was on the 22nd of February, 1985.

The musical was preformed at the Scalateatern performing arts theater in Stockholm, Sweden. Commonly referred to as the ‘Scala’ theater, it’s one of the oldest theaters in Stockholm, operating as a private theater since 1918.

The Phantom musical is written by Peter Falck and Urban Wrethagen and ran for 95 nights. It was a fully approved and licensed production by King Features Syndicate and the local Phantom license/distribution holder, Bulls. Below we see the Scala theater poster (on the left) and the event program book (on the right) for the musical.

Production Credits

  • Written-By: Peter Falck and Urban Wrethagen
  • Producer: Ulf Wahlberg
  • Arranged By: Bo Nilsson and Urban Wrethagen
  • Choir: Devils Voice Choir
  • Engineer: Acke Gårdebäck
  • Ensemble: Gurán Gurán
  • Vocals for The Phantom: Urban Wrethagen
  • Vocals for Diana: Veronica Björnstrand
  • Vocals for Guran: Olle Persson
  • Vocals for Brodski: Peter Dalle
  • Vocals for Fitzpatrick: Johannes Brost
  • Vocals for Hot Pot: Kjell Bergqvist
  • Vocals for Lamba: Lars Fager
  • Vocals for Lolita: Catharina Alinder
  • Vocals for Ogkanta: Per Sandborgh
  • Vocals: Ulf Wahlberg, Agneta Goldéus, Anders Albén
  • Dancers: David Svantesson, Charles Dyall, Anders Albén, Agneta Goldéus, Elizabeth Sterner, Bergur Kalman, Anette Malmgren

Below we see a press photo of Urban Wrethagen in his Phantom costume and Veronica Björnstrand playing the part of Diana Palmer.

Additional press photos can be seen below.

A 2 page article featured in Fantomen comic book number 8 in 1985.

Music Records and Cassettes of the Phantom musical were released titled ‘Äventyrsmusikalen Fantomen’.

Track List:

  • A1. Cafe Bengali Trot (Instrumental)
  • A2. Mitt Morristown (Lolita)
  • A3. Miljoner Indirekt! (Fitzpatrick, Brodski Och Lolita)
  • A4. Do The Hot Pot (Hot Pot)
  • A5. Keela-Wee (Diana)
  • A6. När Kommer Fantomen Tillbaka? (Guran Och Bandarerna)
  • A7. Kom Igen Alla Nya Hjältar (Fantomen)
  • B1. Gurans Sång (Guran)
  • B2. Svart Och Vit (Lamba)
  • B3. Fantomens Lag (Fantomen)
  • B4. The Bronx Blues (Brodski)
  • B5. Människor Och Gudar Del I (Lamba, Fantomen Och Ogkanta)
  • B6. Människor Och Gudar Del II (Lamba, Fantomen Och Ogkanta)
  • B7. Då Lever Jag! (Lolita Och Lamba)