The Jungle Patrol

The Jungle Patrol was founded in 1664 by the 6th Phantom. It all started with a pirate named Red Beard. He ruled the pirate city of Sanloi. The Phantom wanted to put an end to pirate activity in the city, and challenged Red Beard to a duel. First the Phantom had to fight against three of Red Beards handymen, Bart, Salla and Crusher. Bart in an axe fight, Salla or Guillaum in fencing and Crusher in a fist fight. At last he met Red Beard. The fight was even for a long time until they got on Red Bread’s ship. There the Phantom lost his rapier, but manager to disarm Red Beard was a stool. The Phantom hit Red Beard really hard, and Red Beard went to the floor. The pirates had to obey the Phantom after the defeat. The Phantom told Red Beard and his three handymen each to choose their 25 best men. These men formed what we today know as The Jungle Patrol.

The Flag

The Jungle Patrols flag has The Good Mark in a golden color on a blue background with the year 1664 and the letters S, C and M in red in the corners. The letters stand for ‘Stamus Contra Malo‘ which means ‘We Stand Against Evil‘.

The secret identity of The Jungle Patrol’s commander has been kept secret since the 14th Phantom was killed in 1831, by a traitor that had sworn loyalty to The Singh Brotherhood.

Today, The Jungle Patrol receives thousands of applications from all over the world every year, but only ten of these are let in. There are hard conditions to be let in, both physical and psychical. William Weeks was colonel for a long time in the Jungle Patrol, but when he retires, Worobu took over. When the Phantom wanted to give Worobu messages, he used a secret passage, from a well, into the HQ.

The Jungle Patrol

Story by Lee Falk and illustrated by Wilson McCoy.

The Jungle Patrol story was first published as a daily comic strip in newspapers from the 17th of March 1952 until the 31st of May 1952.