The Belt

Since the first Phantom, a black leather belt has been worn bearing a skull mark in the center of a silver colored triangle buckle. Throughout the years and different periods in time, the belt has been used to attach an array of weapons, including swords and guns.

Our current Phantom, the 21st Phantom, usually carries a single dagger and twin .45 pistols attached on either side of the gun belt. The Phantoms aim is to never kill another human, but carries weapons for self defense to aid him in disarming a ‘bad guy’.

Once the 20th Phantom was killed by a smuggler named Rama who back stabbed the Phantom and used the gun belt as his ‘trophy’. The 21st Phantom finds the killer and retrieves it back and restores it in the Skull Cave. This Lee Falk story drawn by Wilson McCoy is titled ‘The Belt’, first appearing in newspapers on the 7th of February 1954. See below story.