The Many Names Of The Phantom

The Phantom is known as “The Ghost Who Walks” and “Man Who Cannot Die” because of his secretive and amazing accomplishments and the fact that every time a Phantom dies, his son immediately takes over the role, thus to the natives and superstitious criminals, The Phantom seems supernatural and immortal. Only the Bandar Pygmies and a few friends and family (including Diana and her family, Dr. Axel, and President Luaga) know the true identity and secret of the Phantom line. Another title, “Guardian of the Eastern Dark,” has been used in recent years, referring to The Phantom’s role in crushing the evil rulers of that mysterious kingdom.

Lee Falk’s Inception Of The Name

The Phantom underwent some major changes during his first adventures.

“For the first few months, The Phantom was intended to be Jimmy Wells, a wealthy playboy who fought crime by night in a mask and costume. This was, of course, several years before Batman and Superman appeared on the comics scene. I never came out and actually revealed that the playboy was really The Phantom and in the midst of the first story I suddenly got the other idea. I moved The Phantom into the jungle and decided to keep him there. Gradually the whole concept of The Phantom developed; the generations behind him, the Skull Cave, his wolf Devil and horse Hero and the Bandar pygmies.” – Lee Falk

Lee Falk was a great fan of Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book, and paid it homage by calling the Phantom’s pygmy friends “the Bandar”, which comes from the monkey tribe who were friends with Mowgli.

It took some time before Lee Falk warmed up to the title he had selected for his new strip. “I tried to think up a more original title. There was already The Phantom of the Opera, the phantom of this and the phantom of that. For a while I considered calling him The Gray Ghost but I let it ride because I really couldn’t come up with a title I liked better than The Phantom.”


Language Name
English The Phantom
Afrikaans Die Skim
Arabic الشبح (Alshabah)
Bengali অরন্যদেব (Aranyadev)
Czech Fantom
Croatian Fantom
Danish Fantomet
Dutch Het Spook
Dutch Fantoom, De Fantoom, Het Fantoom
Estonian Fantoom
Fijian Bera-Na-Liva
Finnish Fantom, Urja, Mustanaamio
French Le Fantôme
German Phantom
Greece Φάντασμα (Fantasma), Φαντομ (Fantom),
Φαντομασ (Fantomas)
Hebrew דמיוני (Phantom), פנטומאס (Phantomas)
Hindi वेताल (Vetaal)
Hungarian Fantom
Icelandic Dreki
Indonesian Phantom
Italian L’Uomo Mascherato
Kannada ಬೆತಾಳ (Bethala), ಫ್ಯಾಂಟಮ್ (Phantom)
Malayalam ദി ഫാന്റം
Norwegian Fantomet
Polish Fantom
Portuguese O Fantasma, Fantasma
Russian Фантом (Fantom)
Serbian Фантом (Fantom), Fantom
Slovak Fantóm
Spanish Fantomas, La Sombra, El Fantasma
Spanish El Fantasma
Spanish Fantomas, El Fantasma, El Hombre Enmascarado
Swedish Fantomen, Dragos
Tamil தமிழ் (Mayavi)
Thai แฟนธ่อม (Phantom)
Tok Pisin Fantom
Turkish Kızılmaske