Milk Mustache Advertisement

The Phantom appears in the Milk Mustache advertisement campaign launched in USA in 1993.

The campaign was initially released by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners for the California Milk Processor Board, with the tagline ‘Milk’. In 1995, MilkPEP who was now managing the campaign for the National Fluid Milk Processor Promotion Board, introduced the tagline, ‘Got Milk’. As a result, advertisements in the campaign appear with either of the 2 taglines.

The advertisement campaign was simple in design, feature a celebrity with a Milk Mustache, alongside a paragraph incorporating information about the celebrities public profile with the benefits of drinking Milk. Each advertisement was published in full color, usually taking up a whole page in a magazine. Hundreds of advertisements and celebrities were featured.

The Milk Mustache campaign was highly successful (both in USA and internationally) and became iconic over time, even copied by other industries in their own advertisement campaigns. The campaign ran for 20 years, coming to an end in early 2014.

Billy Zane was featured in the Milk Mustache campaign, wearing the Phantom costume as seen in the 1996 Paramount Pictures Phantom movie with the tagline ‘Milk’.

At the base of the advertisement we read:

After a grueling day of defending the earth from piracy, greed and cruelty, I just can’t wait to get home, kick back, and pour myself a drink. Of milk, that is. With nine essential nutrients that help make me strong, like protein, calcium and vitamin D, it’s the beverage of choice for most superheroes.

In 1999, Ballantine Books released a 176 page paperback book featuring advertisements which appeared in the Milk Mustache campaign titled, ‘The Milk Mustache Book’. Distributed by Random House, below we see the front and back covers, with the Phantom seen on the front cover.

A 2 page spread is published within the book featuring Billy Zane as the Phantom.