Dr. Lamanda Luaga, is the first president of the African Republic of Bengali. As the newly appointed president, he suffered a civil war when General Bababu rebelled to come to power. With the help of the Phantom, however, it was resolved, although Bababu has since constantly made new attempts to seize power and seek revenge.

In the 1990’s, however, the evil Kigali Lubanga appeared and managed to become president through an extremely dirty campaign where he managed to frame Luaga for election fraud, and create the impression that Luaga ordered a murder of Lubanga.

Luaga managed to come back as president after Lubanga ‘died’. When Lubanga was resurrected, Luaga placed him in a special prison, without convicting him for anything as there was no proper evidence of what Lubanga had done. When Lubanga then escaped, this then came to light and Luaga resigned. Although Lubanga tried to take over the country in a coup very soon after, Luaga did not return to the presidency.

Dr. Lamanda Luaga has a son named Lon and has recently married Rex’s and Tom-Tom’s former school teacher Taru Tagama.