Bengali, a fictional country in Africa created by Lee Falk. It is the place where the first Phantom took the oath on the Skull of his father to fight against crime and injustice.

We find the Phantoms home, the Skull Cave, within the Deep Woods. The location of the Phantom’s home is kept secret, with only the Bandar Pygmy Tribe knowing it’s location. They too live in the Deep Woods, in a nearby village to the Skull Cave, coming to the aid of the Phantom as required.

The entrance to the Deep Woods is camouflaged beneath a graceful waterfall, which the Bandar Pygmy Tribe protect with their poisonous berry tipped weapons.

The President of Bengalla is Lamanda Luaga, who happens to be the friend of the modern Phantom.

Within Bengalla, we find other famous landmarks, such as Eden, Keela-Wee, Phantom Peak, The Misty Mountains, Whispering Woods and more.

The Skull Cave is the Phantom’s main residence. It is carves out of a rock looking like a skull. There are many chambers inside the cave:

Treasure Chamber – There are two treasure chambers. One overflowing with gold and other precious stones, (known as The Minor Treasure Room) and the other consisting of rare and old items collected by previous Phantoms as gifts, ransoms etc (known as The Major Treasure Room). Many of the precious jewellery items have been presented by many Kings as a token of gratitude for the Ghost Who Walks.

Burial Chamber – This is the burial chamber consisting of the coffins of previous Phantoms and their Wives.

The Vault of Missing Men – Behind a steel door, which is always locked, and very few have ever entered, is the vault of missing men. Inside are tombs of famous people who have their final resting place there.

Radio Transmitter Room – The skull cave also houses a radio transmitter within, upgraded with 21st century technology by Heloise Walker. The Phantom uses this room to communicate with The Jungle Patrol and the outside world.

Chronicle Chamber – This is a library, where every Phantom keeps his logs. They are very commonly referred to as The Phantom Chronicles. All the earlier walkers had the habit of archiving all the adventures and learning so that their sons and their sons can refer to it as a guiding hand and to know everything about his forefathers from the past.

Skull Throne – This is the throne very close to the entrance of the Skull Cave and at a central location on which The Phantom is often seated either in introspection or while talking to Guran, Old man Mozz or the tribal members.

Costume Room – The uniform of every Phantom is arranged within this chamber, a monument and memorial to every man (and woman) who has battled injustice as The Ghost Who Walks.

Armoury – With enough guns and ammunition to wage a small war, or to defend the secrets of the Skull Cave to the very last, this chamber contains weapons spanning 4 centuries of armed conflict.

Hidden behind a Waterfall, The Deep Woods is the secret location of the Phantoms home, the Skull Cave and home to the Pygmy Bandar Tribe. The Bandar Pygmy Tribe protect the entrance with their poisonous berry tipped weapons.

The Tree House was built by the Rope People whom the Phantom had once assisted and is commonly referred to as the ‘castle in the air’. This is a massive house built upon a great tree. To get there, one has to use a weight-displacement system, consisting of a huge boulder and cables. Phantom spent some time here with his love, Diana and also with Rex.

The Phantom Peak is a famous peak that looks just like a Phantom’s head, hence the name. In the time of the 7th Phantom, Emperor Joonkar decided to gift the mysterious man who had fought crime and injustice in his country. He decided that nothing less than a mountain would be appropriate.

He commissioned an Italian sculptor of the school of Michelangelo to design the Phantom’s head on a stone peak, and hired local tribesmen to do the carving. The result was the huge Phantom’s head that stands today as a tribute by the emperor to the man who never dies.

The Jade Hut, carved of pure Jade, is located at Keela-Wee. Legend has it that half the sand on the beach is of pure gold. Generations of Phantoms have spent their honeymoons at Keela-Wee, staying in the Jade hut, including our current Phantom and Diana following their marriage.

Baronkhan is the largest mountain principality in the Misty Mountains of the country of Bengali. It is ruled by Prince Rex, who grew up as the foster son of the Phantom, and is a neighboring country to Shambad.

The Whispering Woods, also know as ‘The Whispering Grove’, are a section of forest which is believed that, when the wind rises, it pass through the forest and the trees whisper ‘Phantom’.

The Whispering Woods are considered a dark and haunted place within the Phantom storyline, bringing fearing to both locals and visitors alike.

This is a mesa in an American desert. It was first discovered and named after Captain Christopher ‘Kit’ Walker. Captain Walker and his friend Caribo, reached this place in year of 1492. Caribo named it ‘Walker’s Table‘ in honor of Captain Walker. A few decades later, the 2nd Phantom was gifted this mesa from a king.

This mesa is hollow. An automated lift goes to the top, where there is an average sized house. This mesa is said to be haunted by spirits.

The beach is made up of sand naturally mixed with gold particles up to 50% concentration. The golden sands of Keela-Wee had belonged to Emperor Joonkar’s house for centuries. Emperor Joonkar had built the House of Jade for his bride to be, Sheebah of Tigra. Later, Joonkar presented the beach to the 17th century Phantom as a wedding present, as reward for his help. The golden sands of Keela-Wee has since passed down the Phantom generations. From that time on, every Phantom brought his bride to Keela-Wee after the wedding ceremony and had his honeymoon there. Tradition follows that newly wed couples swim in the sea and then roll in the golden sand. Then, the gleaming golden couples enter into the ancient House of Jade. And then, the rites finish and they are wed.

Eden is an island where the Phantom keeps carnivorous and herbivorous animals together.

The carnivores have been trained to feed on fish, whereas the herbivores feed on the flora. Rare individual animals like Hzz, Stegy, Fuzzy, Strips and Baldy also inhabit this place. The isle is surrounded by a water-body infested with piranha fish. So a few tribesmen are given the responsibility to feed the carnivores everyday.

There are also rare and exotic plants on this island. The Phantom has brought Diana here many times. There is a network of cables which helps the Phantom in aerial transport from tree to tree. For further information, click HERE.

Established by the 20th Phantom, Dr. Axel’s Hospital is located in the jungle of Bengalla. The Phantom and his family have utilized the hospital on many occasions and bears the Phantom’s Good Mark on the entry gate.


Morristown is the capital city of the fictional country of Bengali. In US Phantom stories, it’s also know as Mawitaan. Neighborhoods of Morristown include Bengete and Taylor’s Dock plus there’s also a Chinatown.

Morristown was originally called Moribar and was a Swahili town. When Bengali became a British colony, Moribar became the governor’s residence. Sometime after 1831, the town changed its name to Morristown.


Bengalitown is a coastal city in Bengali. Bengalitown was a rich city until the pirates Morgan, Scarmelli and Kemel plundered it in 1735, when the 9th Phantom was mortally wounded.

There’s a train track that links Morristown and Bengalitown.