Jägermeister Advertisement

The Phantom appears in a Jägermeister liqueur advertisement campaign launched in Italy between 1974, thru till 1983.

Titled ‘Così fan tutti’ (which translates from Italian to ‘So do everyone’), is an advertisement campaign which was originally released by GGK Düsseldorf in Germany, advertising Jägermeister liqueur to the local market, became so successful that it was introduced into the Italian market in 1974 by GGK Milano.

The advertisement campaign was simple in design, feature a portrait of an ordinary person (either in costume or everyday clothing) holding a glass and/or bottle of Jägermeister liqueur, alongside a thought provoking tag line. Each advertisement would only appear once, either published in a national newspaper or magazine edition, usually in full color. Due to this fact, over 1500 people were featured over the years.

The ‘Così fan tutti’ advertisement campaign was ground breaking for it’s time, as it allowed the ordinary person to have their ’15 minutes of fame’ on a national platform, as opposed to a well known celebrity featuring as was common at the time.

Below we see the Jägermeister liqueur advertisement featuring the Phantom, holding a glass and bottle of Jägermeister liqueur. The tag line in the upper right hand side in Italian reads ‘Bevo Jägermeister perche sono stato a cena dai Batman.’, which translates to ‘I drink Jägermeister because I’ve been to Batman’s for dinner.’.

At the bottom of the advertisement, we read ‘Jägermeister. Così fan tutti’, which translates to ‘Jägermeister. So do everyone.’.