Fantomet Class Trip Scholarship

Fantomet comic book number 9, published in Norway in 1982 promotes a Class Trip Scholarship to the value of 10,000 kroner. Below we see the front and back cover of this edition. The front cover advertises, ‘FANTOMETS CLASS TRIP SCHOLARSHIP – 10,000 Kr’.

Publisher Semic was a positive force in the community and worked closely with schools to promote the academic value of its publication. As a part of Semics effort to support youth development, it donated considerable funds to various middle schools during the early 1980’s. The funds were allocated for school trips and the candidates were chosen by select Semic staff, who based their final decisions on completed submission forms and the wishes and needs of the applicants.

The Fantomet comic book came with a fold out application form as part of the back cover.

This fold out back cover contained pictures and names of the 17 children which were awarded the Class Trip Scholarships the prior year in 1981. The pictures show the various school trip destinations taken.

Below we see the page giving the reader instruction on how to apply for the Class Trip Scholarships, plus the application form. The text below the page is the English translation of the instructions given by the publisher.

ENGLISH TRANSLATION: The Phantom’s class trip scholarship for last year was a huge success. We repeat the scheme for 1982 and have set aside as much as 10,000 kroner as a subsidy for the entire school classes’ planned trips. To apply for a scholarship, only one of the students in the class needs to be a member of the Phantom Club.

Fill in the coupon on the back with your own name, membership number and the other information we request. Remember to submit the application to your teacher and send it to us by 15 May! The scholarships will be distributed on the basis of the wishes and needs of the applicants, by a jury consisting of: Director Terje Ruud Johnsen, editor Petter Engbo, marketing manager Bjørn Mikalsen and secretary Anne Sand.The prerequisites for the awarding of the class trip scholarships are that the winners write to us about their experiences, illustrated with drawings or photographs, for later presentation in The Phantom.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.