Fantomen Land

Parken Zoo is a combined amusement park and zoo in the town of Eskilstuna, Sweden. The park was founded in 1898, with animals put on display in the early 1950’s and is still in operation today.

A feature of the amusement park was Fantomen Land, which opened in May, 1986.

Some of the features of Fantomen Land included a Skull Cave with a Skull Throne within, the Whispering Forest, the Wambesi Village, Morristown and a Fort above the Skull Cave.

Other areas open to visitors include the Phantom’s Radio Room, the Treasure Room and also the Phantoms Chronicle Chamber.

A person would also dress-up as the Phantom to amuse children who visited Fantomen Land. He even stamped those children who were good with the Phantom’s Good Mark on their hand.

Fantomen Land closed in 2010.

Lee Falk’s Visit – 1986


Parken Zoo Extra

Parken Zoo Extra was a 36 page publication, given-away at Fantomen Land in 2008.