Fantomen Comic Book Subscription

Fantomen comic book edition number 26, published by Serieförlaget in Sweden in 1952 contains an interesting advertisement for the reader to subscribe to a variety of comic books. The front and rear covers of this edition can be seen below, with the Phantom not present on the outside covers.

Printed within the inside front cover, a full page advertisement is found, with 4 comic book series offered as a half or full year subscription. These are the Phantom, Tarzan, Blondie and Hopalong Cassidy. The Fantomen comic book featured in the advertisement is edition number 1, published in 1951.

The advertisements translated to English reads:

If you subscribe you get the magazine in the mail!

Post – Go to the post office TODAY!

Then you never have to worry about the magazine being out of stock. Your store has it on the same day the issue comes out, you have it in your mailbox. There is therefore no danger of you missing out on any number. And it’s easy to subscribe. You just go to the nearest post office and fill in a green postal subscription form and pay the amount. Then you receive the magazine regularly by post.

The subscription prices for Serieförlaget’s comic books are as follows: PHANTOM 1/1 year is 14 kroner, 1/2 year is 7 kroner. TARZAN 1/1 year is 14 kroner, 1/2 year is 7 kroner. BLONDIE 1/1 year is 8 kroner, 1/2 year is 4 kroner. HOPALONG CASSIDY: 1/1 year is 12 kroner, 1/2 year is 6 kroner.