Emperor Joonkar

Joonkar was an African emperor over a huge empire in what is now Bengali . He became friends with the 6th Phantom who saved him from a tiger. The Phantom received Alexander the Great’s diamond cup from Joonkar as he has on several occasions been listed as the owner of it at some point in history.

The 6th Phantom also rescued Joonkar’s betrothed Sheebah (Saba) from pirates along with the newly formed Jungle Patrol. Sadly, Sheebah died a year. Joonkar then donated Keela-Wee, where he himself had spent his wedding night, to the 6th Phantom.

The 6th Phantom then came to the rescue of Joonkar when he was shanghaied and served as a rowing slave for an emir. As a thank you for all the services, Joonkar is said to have had the Phantom Rock sculpted as an eternal memory of his friend the 6th Phantom, although it may have been the case that the stonemasons had done the hard work about 50 years earlier (or maybe they were the ones Joonkar hired).

Joonkar had a nephew named Omar and was good friends with the 7th Phantom, but he probably died before 1710 because Joonkar died without heirs.