Diana Palmer And Lee Falk

Diana Palmer And Lee Falk was a small on-stage production which played in Victoria, Australia. It’s first on-stage premier was on the 29th of October, 1986.

The on-stage play was preformed at La Mama Theater (commonly referred to as ‘The Biggest Little Theatre in Australia’) in Carlton, Victoria, Melbourne.

La Mama Theater was opened in 1967 by Betty Burstall. La Mama Theatre, like its namesake in New York City, USA, showcased small local projects/productions. Poets, film-makers, folk singers and other musicians were also encouraged to read, show or perform their works there. It was the first home of the reputable Australian Performing Group before its members turned professional and moved on to larger Theaters.

Diana Palmer And Lee Falk was written and directed by Ian Scott. The on-stage production was advertised in local newspapers, such as The Age (nation wide Australian newspaper). Below we see the production appear in The Australian Jewish News on the 7th of November, 1986.

Production Credits

  • Written-By: Ian Scott
  • Directed-By: Ian Scott
  • The Phantom: Faruk Avdi
  • Diana Palmer: Ellen Cressy
  • Lee Falk: Bruce Kerr
  • Actor: Valentina Levkowicz
  • Actor: Neild Schneider