Tom Tyler Newspaper Articles

Tom Tyler was a popular American star of silent and early sound westerns and serials. Before Tom became an actor he was a boxer, weightlifter sailor, lumberjack and even a coal miner. He made a smooth transition from silent films into talking pictures, for which he worked hard to lose his Lithuanian accent.

During the late 1930’s, he began to face fierce competition in the arena of B-westerns and started taking supporting roles in larger-budget pictures, such as 1939, ‘Stagecoach’ and 1939 ‘Gone with the Wind’.

In 1941, he starred in his first superhero role in the 1941 serial ‘Adventures of Captain Marvel’ and then the 1943 serial ‘The Phantom’. In 1944, Tom began to suffer from Rheumatoid arthritis which crippled him and he was reduced to occasional minor supporting roles. Despite Tom’s poor health, between 1948 and 1954, Tom appeared in supporting roles of over 35 films and TV series, including TV episodes of ‘The Lone Ranger’, ‘The Cisco Kid’, ‘The Range Rider’, ‘Gene Autry’, ‘Cowboy G-Men’ and ‘Dick Tracy’. He eventually returned to live with his sister in the Detroit area and sadly passed from heart failure at the early age of 50 in 1954.

Below we see a few articles which feature Tom Tyler, appearing in either newspapers or in newsletters.

  • Film Actress Hints Romance
    • May 10, 1928 – San Francisco Examiner, USA.
  • Tom Tyler Starts Career Under Big Top
    • July 17, 1937 – The Daily Tribune, Wisconsin, USA.
  • Hollywood Cowboy To Wed Film Star
    • July 17, 1937 – Wisconsin Kenosha News, USA.
  • Tom Tyler, Cowboy Film Star, Married To Actress At Church
    • September 4, 1937 – The Los Angeles Times, USA.
  • War Bonds Exchange
    • February 7, 1944 – Wisconsin Capital Times, USA.
  • Announcement
    • March 2, 1944 – Missouri Marshal Mail, USA.
  • Carolina Theatre Announcement
    • June 10, 1944 – South Carolina Journal, USA.
  • Hair-Raising Chapter-Film Starts At Avon
    • September 7, 1944 – Nebraska Elgin Review, USA.
  • ‘Tom Tyler’, Cowboy Actor, Dies At 50
    • May 3, 1954 – The Baltimore Sun, USA.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.