The Tribune

The Tribune is a newspaper that was printed in Manila, in the Philippines, remaining in print for approximately 20 years (1st of April 1925, until the 3rd of February 1945).

The newspaper was printed in black and white on a daily basis, in English text and was believed to have the largest circulation at the time within the Asia region. See below an example of a daily edition.

On the weekend, a special comic lift-out was published in full color, running for 16 pages and containing comic characters such as Tarzan, The Lone Ranger, The Captain and The Kids, Henry, Prince Valiant and more. See below an example of the weekend lift-out.

The Phantom comic strip was published on a daily basis, including on weekends (which was printed in full color), from approximately April 1939, until January 1942. 7 Daily stories and 7 Sunday stories were printed over this time.

Below you can see an example of a daily Phantom comic strip. Most of the daily comic strip stories were individually titled and have Lee Falk (with the incorrect spelling) and Ray Moore noted.

See following examples of pages that were printed containing the Phantom daily comic strips.

Fishers of Pearls (April 1939 – June 1939)

The Slave Traders (June 1939 – August 1939)

The Mysterious Girl (August 1939 – January 1940)

The Golden Circle (January 1940 – July 1940)

The Sea Horse (July 1940 – February 1941)

The Game of Alvar (February 1941 – August 1941)

Diana Aviatrix Lost (August 1941 – January 1942)

See following examples of pages that were printed containing the Phantom Sunday comic strips.

The League of Lost Men (July 1939 – December 1939)

The Precious Cargo of Colonel Winn (December 1939 – April 1940)

The Fire Goddess (May 1940 – September 1940)

The Beachcomber (September 1940 – February 1941)

The Saboteurs (February 1941 – April 1941)

The Return of The Sky Band (April 1941 – January 1942)