Sunday Boston Advertiser

The Boston Daily Advertiser was the first daily newspaper published in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, established in 1813

In March 1814, The Boston Daily Advertiser was purchased by journalist Nathan Hale, who was it’s chief editor until his death in 1863. In 1832, it took over control of The Boston Patriot newspaper, and then in 1840 it took over and absorbed The Boston Gazette newspaper.

The Boston Daily Advertiser was eventually purchased by William Randolph Hearst in 1917, became an illustrated tabloid in 1921, and ceased publication in 1929. Hearst continued using the name ‘Advertiser’ for its Sunday paper until the early 1970s.

A variety of comic strips were featured in the Sunday lift-out, which was published in full color. The comic strip characters include Blondie, Steve Canyon, Popeye, Bringing Up Father, Buz Sawyer, Donald Duck, Hi and Lois, Prince Valiant, Archie, Katzenjammer, Kids Hubert, Beetle Bailey, Flash Gordon, Little Iodine, Henry, Mickey Mouse, Uncle Remus and many more. The line-up of comic strips varied from edition to edition.

The Phantom was also featured in the ‘Sunday Boston Advertiser’ section between 1965 thru till 1973. Below we see the edition published on the 6th of August, 1972 with the Phantom comic strip taking up half a page.